Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez started his engineering career at NASA as a simulation engineer in the Flight Crew Training Division. There he specialized in several spacecraft systems and was part of the team that trained the Apollo astronauts for their missions to the Moon. During this time he also supported several missions at the Control Center in Houston including the Apollo 13 for which he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom as part of the Mission Operations Team. For over the 14 years working for NASA, Mike also led teams on simulator development, training material development and presentation, procedures development, and flight crew and flight controllers training, during the Sky Lab and early Shuttle programs. In 1982, Mike Hernandez founded Hernandez Engineering Inc. (HEI). The company’s first job was to prepare crewmembers and ground personnel for a dedicated Space Shuttle mission for the German Research Agency (DLR). Accolades were received from both sides of the Atlantic following the successful D-1 flight in 1985. The company proceeded to also support the D-2 mission that took place in 1993.In the USA the Company became well known throughout the different NASA Centers and contractor companies as a major provider of Safety, Reliability and Quality expertise and services. On several occasions, Mr. Hernandez has been recognized for his technical and entrepreneurial spirit. For example, he was selected as the 1993 Ernst & Young, Inc. Magazine, Merrill Lynch Entrepreneur of the Year and received the prestigious National Management Association Golden Knight Award for excellence in business leadership in 2000. Mr. Hernandez’s accomplishments were also recognized in Washington when Mr. Daniel S. Goldin, former NASA Administrator, selected Miguel Hernandez as a member of the NASA Minority Business Resource Advisory Committee (MBRAC).