Member Benefits

Benefits of ISSF Membership

By joining ISSF as members, space organizations would give a tangible prove of willingness to accept space safety as their collective responsibility, a sine-qua-non condition for further growth of space business. Their identity as champions of safety would be clearly established. People would see that they care about safety!

Being an ISSF Member would allow substantive impact on new and positive developments in space systems and operations, in particular through the space safety institute. ISSF Members would gain access to a community of safety experts and their expertise, and would be proactively involved in identifying research areas and launching specific projects.

ISSF Members will receive access and use of all ISSF studies results and “modulated” discounts for their employees’ attendance to conferences, seminars and training events organized by ISSF. Their logos would be displayed on ISSF and Space Safety Magazine websites. Members would receive printed and electronic copies of each issue of Space Safety Magazine for distribution within their organizations. In addition, Benefactors and Patrons would be allocated respectively a free 1/2 page and 1/4 page advertisement in each Space Safety Magazine issue.


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