Graduate Student Fellowship Program

Applications may be submitted at any time. The next set of applicants will be reviewed when received by the following deadline:

Proposals received by December 8, 2017

The ISSF Graduate Student Fellowship Program has been created to promote the field of Space Safety Engineering.  The program encourages students to select thesis topics within the scope of Space Safety and pursue their own research ideas

The ISSF Graduate Student Fellowship Program sets guidelines for the scope of topics (applicable to space safety) and provides suggested areas of research.

Grants are restricted to applicants studying at a university located in a member country participating in the International Space Station: USA, Canada, Japan, Russia and member European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom). Awards are restricted to those applicants who are at least undergraduate senior students and are engaged in pursuing post-graduate studies.

Selected fellowship students receive a $1,000 grant, while engaged in post-graduate studies, half paid upon acceptance, half paid upon project completion.  Recipients are assigned a mentor from the ISSF who has experience with the proposed research area.  Recipients are encouraged to present their research at the IAASS International Space Safety conference; the fellowship program will provide conference registration for students attending and presenting the results of the sponsored research.

The ISSF allocates funds annually to the ISSF Fellowship Fund on the basis of sponsorships received. All applications are reviewed by the selection committee on a first-come, first-reviewed basis until funds have been allocated. Applicants received by the deadline are given full consideration.

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Guidelines and suggested topics can be found in the following document:  ISSF Fellowship Program -Guidelines-Topics

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