ISSF Congratulates Member NanoSatisfi on a Successful Launch

The International Space Safety Foundation (ISSF) offers congratulations to member and home office host NanoSatisfi on a successful first launch. NanoSatisfi’s first two satellites, ArduSat-1 and ArduSat-X, launched aboard the fourth Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-4) cargo ship on August 4. HTV-4 successfully berthed with the International Space Station on August 9. The ArduSats are not yet operational, however; first they must be ejected from Small Satellite Orbiter Deployer using a robotic arm stationed outside the Kibo module. No date has yet been set for the deployment.

The ArduSat satellite series is education-oriented, providing individuals access to space with user-programmable exploration at any level of knowledge. NanoSatisfi's next satellite is scheduled for launch in December 2013, paving the way for a planned entry into the Earth observation data market.

ISSF lauds this venture as a significant step in advancing the sustainable commercial use of space.