ISSF Signs Home Office MOU with NanoSatisfi

The International Space Safety Foundation (ISSF) and NanoSatisfi, Inc. are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that establishes ISSF’s new home office at NanoSatisfi’s San Francisco headquarters.

“We appreciate NanoSatisfi agreeing to assist the ISSF in this matter, with special thanks to Peter Platzer, and we welcome NanoSatisfi as a new member of the ISSF,” said ISSF President and CEO Michael Listner.

ISSF is particularly pleased to be working with NanoSatisfi, a New Space startup company, to help establish a new outlook for space safety. ISSF is also pleased to welcome NanoSatisfi employee Megan Kane as our new Executive Committee Treasurer, replacing the dedicated but very busy Timothy Heimann in this important role.

"We are eager to make space utilization not only more accessible, but more sustainable," says NanoSatisfi CEO Peter Platzer. "Providing a home office for the Space Safety Foundation organization is a first step down the path to making New Space a safer space."

With ISSF launching programs in space safety research, education, and certification, corporate engagement is key to achieving the Foundation’s fundamental goal: safe and accessible space, now and for future generations.


About the International Space Safety Foundation

The International Space Safety Foundation (ISSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering policies of international cooperation and scientific progress in the field of space safety through educational initiatives, certifications, and funding of research. Foundation membership is comprised of aerospace agencies, organizations, corporations, space safety professionals, and enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the principles and practice of space safety. ISSF seeks to advance technical, organizational, and socio-political cultures to make space missions, vehicles, stations, extraterrestrial habitats, equipment, and payloads safer for the general public, ground personnel, space travelers, and crews. ISSF supports the preservation of the orbital environment to ensure safe use and access by present and future generations. Learn more and get involved at

About NanoSatisfi, Inc.

NanoSatisfi, situated in California, USA, democratizes access to space exploration, images, and data by providing individuals access to a user-programmable in-orbit nanosatellite for $250/week.  Using a simple online satellite control interface and hands-on experiments, users age 12 and up can program and control the satellite, provide instructions on sensor activation, track satellite orbit, and download data and pictures from space.  NanoSatisfi also provides users with a full online curriculum on satellite technologies, science, programming, and sensors in a blended learning environment.  Hiding all the complexities of space, this simple, integrated environment allows everyday individuals and students to access space - and not only rocket-scientists. Following a profitable scaling period in the education market, NanoSatisfi will enter the $15B Earth Observation data market with a constellation of satellites providing comprehensive, near real-time coverage with applications across verticals such as Finance, Weather, Natural Resources, Disaster Management, Asset Tracking and Agriculture. NanoSatisfi is currently looking for motivated engineers, programmers, and talented professionals who are inspired by the challenge of working in the fastest moving space start-up. Interested individuals can apply at